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Film and Print

This is a small selection of my films and the prints.

This is an internet film promoting a Vodafone program for youngsters (Basically, if you are under 26, you get special offers) and it directed people to campaign’s website. The film spreaded and it was uploaded by different youtube users under different names. Only one of these films reached over 1.200.000 views making it probably the most successful romanian advertising internet film.

The copy at the end says “Some things work only up to a certain age. Make the most of being young”

The Goal
This film is promoting a Vodafone service that allows you to get notifications about what’s happening in Champions League. (goal scoring, news, videos)
The film features Gheorghe Hagi (as the kid’s trainer), who is considered the best romanian football player of all times.
The vo at the end says “Wherever you are, Vodafone brings you the latest football news. Enter vodafone.live and enjoy football anytime, anywhere.”

The Inventor 1
This film is promoting a Vodafone offer that doubles your minutes and SMS’s in your tariff plan.
The VO says
“They told him it cannot be done. But he made it possible.
The inventor of the double cheeseburger, of the double beds, of the double bikes and of the double agent brings you the Double Communication Offer”

The Inventor 2
After the success of the first film, we reintroduced the inventor in the next promotion. This time, after inventing all the Universal Things he brings to humans the Universal Discounts.
The VO says “The revolutionary inventor is back to bring humans the universal remote, the universal glue, the universal swiss knife and, now, the Universal Discounts”

Express your feelings
The next three films are from an inspirational Vodafone campaign that encouraged people to make the most of their life and share that with the world.
The copy at the end says “Express your feelings. We’ll give you the means to share them with the world (+offer)”

The Chase
This film promoted a Vodafone lotery where you could win 100 VW Golf.
The Vo says: Enter the story of the 100 Golfs. (+mechanics)

The ringing
This film promotes a Vodafone service that allows you to have both a fix line and a mobile one on the same telephone number.

Dakino International Film Festival
This is the first film festival in Romania that encourages art films and is proud that it’s trying to escape the commercial side of cinematography. The campaign received honors in festivals like Adprint.
The copy sais “Annoyed by the Hollywood cliches? Attend Dakino International Film Festival”

National Movie Archive Cinema
It’s a place where there are only screenings of art and festival awarded films. This campaign won a Silver at the Epica Awards.

Transilvania Adventure Trophy
This is one of the most difficult and most appreciated off road competitions in Europe.

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