About me

I’m a 27 years old creative working at Mccann Romania. I’ve finished the Philosophy Faculty in Bucharest and I’ve been doing advertising for 7 years. I started off as a copywriter and now I’m a Group Creative Director, for almost two years, but when somebody asks me what I do I still like to answer with just “I’m a creative”

I believe in the paradox that the best advertising ideas are not advertising anymore. They are ideas that change the world, that influence cultures.
I love them and it still keeps me up at night when think I got one. It doesn’t matter if the next day I wake up and I consider it stupid. It’s all part of the game.

I won Two Cannes Grand Prix Prizes and a Titanium Lion.
Also i can be proud with winning Golds, Silvers and Bronzes in Cannes and other international festivals.